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Our safaris in Tanzania stand out for professional guides, knowledge of the territory, focus on local experience, historical and naturalistic expertise.

We organize classic safaris along the well-known trails and the most famous parks, but we also offer itineraries less frequented and customised routes. Our philosophy is to offer you exclusive experiences at affordable prices.
You can choose the accommodations opting for the level of comfort you prefer: hotels, resorts, tended camps. In addition to our offer of accommodation, we offer simpler solutions wherever possible: is not only a way to save, but it is also and above all a way to deepen the knowledge of the wonderful people of Tanzania.

We offer you a private safari of which you will know everything, because you will have chosen and built with us.

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Classic and special safari proposals, always customizable according to your needs and desires.
All our safaris are arranged with exclusive safari cars and local guides speaking your language.

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Our tailor-made safari guide to guide you through destinations, prices, taxes, parks, experiences and cultural proposals.
We will help you build your exclusive private safari with a safari car and guide speaking your language, giving you transparency of costs and awareness of possible alternatives. From parks to the sea, from historic sites to lakes, from trekking to birdwatching, with us you can make the perfect safari for yourself.

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Tanzania is not just parks and wildlife, but it is also the place where human history began, leaving fundamental traces ofor the study of evolution. With us you can visit these historical sites, still being studed and researched today. The discovery of human traces is made even more fascinating by the presence of tribes still living according to tradition in the same places. Visiting their villages along the less frequented routes gives the emotion of a meeting with tribes not accustomed to the presence of tourists (but in any case with the appropriate authorisation). The touching and unforgettable visit to one of the safe houses of the association Hope for girls & women offers you the opportunity to find a concrete answer to the female issues, a very critical aspect of the traditional tribal. Along the way there will be the opportunity to observe the life of the Tanzanian people, in the little villages by the roadside and in the town that are crossed, some of unexpected beauty.

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Choosing our safari also means contributing to the activities of the associations Crowd2map and Hope for girls & women who fight the practice of FGM.

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