Beach holidays – The coast and the islands

Saying Tanzania isn’t just about safari. The pristine coastline, the expanses of white sand, the islands dream and the clear waters of the seabed, the palm trees rustling to the sea breeze, the variety of colorful fish make this land a very tasty destination for lovers of the sea.

Book and discover with us the coast and islands of Tanzania and you can join your safari with the beach holidays, for a complete holiday of adventure and relaxation.


Zanzibar al Tramonto mare isole

Unguja or “island of Zanzibar”

This large island is a great place to relax while enjoying its miles of white beaches and its crystal clear waters. If you decide to spend your stay in the eastern part of the island you will see the spectacle of the tides.  It is also a safari paradise, but one of those under water: with its thousand colorful fish, coral reef and dolphins.
The capital of this island is the multicolored Stone Town “stone city”. In 1987 it is included in the World Heritage Site and among the 100 most important historical centers in the world by UNESCO and therefore deserves a visit of at least one day.  From the capital and the coast there are many typical boats that will allow you to reach other small uncontaminated islands such as Nakupenda Island or cultural places such as Prison Island. You can also take a tour of the spices, a trip to the mangrove forest and a very close experience with red colobi.

estensione mare isola barca


An unmissable destination for lovers of diving during the beach holidays, Pemba offers an uncontaminated nature surrounded by clear waters up to 50 meters deep, in an environmental context still devoid of the noise of mass tourism.

The capital is Chake Chake from which depart excursions to the island of Misali, a marine park considered among the best places by divers for the beautiful seabed and to spot sharks and manta rays.
In the north of the island there are several areas of ancient ruins in addition to the forest of Ngezi, the only surviving area of the primary forest where you can see endemic species.
The northern end is occupied by the Kigomasha peninsula with lovely beaches.

estensione mare Tanzania Tumbatu


Dedicating a day, during your beach holidays, to this island, third in size of the archipelago, overlooked by mass tourism and located northwest of the largest island, is another wonderful option to get to know the local people. On the island there is almost nothing, except a group of fishermen and families linked to the rhythms of the sea and traditions.Considered hospitable and not accustomed to modern culture, they will surprise you for their simplicity and curiosity a bit ‘intrusive beautiful children. There are no accommodation facilities and the only possibility of visiting must pass through the mediation of an authorized local guide.

Tramonto Mnemba Isola mare


Mnemba atoll is located a few miles off the east coast of Zanzibar. It is a small jewel set in the blue of the Indian Ocean.
This atoll is definitely worth making the half-day excursion that the various hotels organize, not so much to land and visit it (which is possible only to the lucky and very rich guests of the exclusive resort located inside the atoll) as much as to immerse yourself in the clear waters that surround it for snorkeling among the most exciting in the world, in search of the rich fish fauna and coral-flowered marine gardens. It is not uncommon to meet also huge manta rays, elusive moray eels and agile reef sharks.


Estensione mare Tanzania

Mafia Island

Mafia is a 55 km long island located in the Indian Ocean and belongs, along with Pemba and Unguja, to the group called Spice Islands.

The island is the center of a particularly rich marine ecosystem. The grounds of the park are one of the most beautiful areas of the eastern coast where you can go diving (especially between November and February).

Dominated by nature, it is genuine and authentic, away from the noise of the holiday. It has beaches (long kilometers!) pristine, white and wild. A true tropical paradise, where you can rediscover the beauty of primordial life.


Valid beach holiday alternatives to the popular (especially for Italian clientele) island of Zanzibar are some very interesting locations on the Tanzanian oceanic coast (Swahili coast). From south to north: Bagamoyo, Saadani and Pangani.

la costa estensione mare


Characteristic Arab dwellings overlook with their rich wooden doors on narrow animated alleys. Many testimonies of past dominations, from the Arab one with the ancient mosques to the German one with its administrative center to the English one. And then the fish market, the beaches and the coral reef. You’re still on the ocean.


The perfect combination of safari and sea, this national park is located right in front of Zanzibar, about 200 km from Dar es Salam. Here you will find an incredible variety of species (hippopotamuses, crocodiles, elephants, turtles and starfish) usually very distant territorially that try to live side by side here.

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Ushongo Beach, this is the most famous beach of this remote village nestled on the coast. Here mass tourism has not yet taken root and therefore the pace is slower and more relaxed. For those searching peace, tranquility and harmony with nature.

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