Your safari guide in Tanzania

We are a local tour operator based in Arusha, Tanzanian majority and Italian participation, operating in compliance with local and international legislation. Our company, characterized by a strong female presence, is based on the search for authentic experiences for our tourists, on the enhancement of the cultural heritage of the local tribes and on respect for our Tanzanian collaborators.

You can find us on the government organization’s website to promote tourism Tanzania Tourist board, at the link Tour Service Provider. If the portal does not work, you can see here our license for 2023, and here the licenses of the last three years.

We can offer you an exclusive service at the best price because we have an agile structure and high professionalism, which allows us to develop internally the content of our safaris as well as this website, saving costs without sacrificing high standards of quality!

We offer itineraries in all the parks of Tanzania, from those of the North to those of the South to those remote. We specialize in reaching the less traveled trails and we are also certified for birdwatching.

Our safaris never lack the opportunity to integrate adventure in nature with the knowledge of the country: from the exciting encounters with traditional tribes to those with the population that largely still lives in small villages (to do our part we recommend to our tourists the support and if possible the encounter with Hope for girls & women), from the exploration of archaeological sites to the visit of the beautiful cities where modernity crosses with tradition, from the great lakes with mountains and boulders close to the lush coast on the Indian Ocean.

Tourists are for us friends to welcome with care: we will follow you personally before and during the safari, with a continuous monitoring of every day and every detail of the trip.

We are three members, passionate about Africa and nature, Roberta, Italian, Martha and Victor, Tanzanian. We have invested in our training by obtaining the best internationally recognized certifications in order to offer you a quality experience at an affordable price (contact us for more information).

If you want to get to know each other better, we can arrange a video call where you can talk to us directly.

Roberta Caramella CEO e Direttore Tanzania Emotion Safaris

Roberta Caramella

I am a partner and CEO of Tanzania Emotion Safaris, that I founded with Martha and Victor.

Struck by Africa, I obtained in South Africa the FGASA certified nature guide qualification, living in the bush for a few months, to acquire on the field the best theoretical and practical skills necessary for the planning and management of safaris and meetings with the Big Five. I chose Tanzania for its historical tradition of responsible tourism, to protect its immense natural heritage.

My passion for Africa does not disregard the charm of the primordial life of the tribes, cracked only by the survival of tribal practices of which are victims girls little more than children. I had the good fortune to meet Janet and Nicolà, two European women who collaborate with Rhobi Samwelly, Tanzanian, founder of the association Hope for girls & women: our small contribution is an integral part of my African project.

I split between Italy, where I live, on Lake Maggiore, and Arusha, in Tanzania, where we have our office.

Direttore operativo tour operator

Victor Francis Isack

I am Managing Director, Partner and Co-founder of Tanzania Emotion Safaris.

My family’s from Mbeya, South Tanzania. I really love my land and my family, but I came to Arusha to study, fulfill my dreams and become a safari guide. I obtained the Certificate in Professional Tourguiding at the Mwiba Tourguide Training. My passion is all animals but I love birds and their singing more than anything. I like to tell tourists the story of my country and the harmony in which we Tanzanians live, even if we are of different tribes and have different religions. My father, a Christian, of the Nyakyusa tribe, my mother, a Muslim, of the Yao tribe, have been living happily together for many years! Here we are all like that, we are of many tribes that are together and help each other, and we live modern life in cities and villages. But I also have great respect for the people who live in the tradition of their tribes, leading a very difficult life.

I really like the Italian language, which I speak, read and write fluently.

Direttrice tour operator

Martha Samson Sesera

I am director, partner and co-founder of Tanzania Emotion Safaris.

I’m from Singida, central Tanzania. I am very close to my family, but I wanted to move to Arusha to become a safari guide. I obtained the Certificate in Professional Tourguiding at the Mwiba Tourguide Training. I love to observe nature and know all its details, and I love to explain to tourists and answer their questions. It’s nice to see the animals and live the emotion of every new encounter. Doing this job for me is a beautiful thing!

My family is Christian, of the Nyaturu tribe, one of the 120 tribes of Tanzania. In our tribes the father is the head of the family, the mother is second, and then the children come. I am happy to be independent and have a safari business, although I always gladly come back to visit my family in Singida.

I speak I read and write fluently Italian and English.

Tanzania is a wonderful land, where the primordial charm of nature blends with that of a generous, hardworking and authentic people, made up of over 120 ethnic groups that coexist peacefully and constructively: It is impossible not to get excited in the face of the spectacle of this land, but the attentive tourist will not escape the unease due to the distance between the western welfare and the precarious living conditions of the African people. Our company is always attentive to the safety and well-being not only of our tourists but also of all our Tanzanian collaborators and your local guide, in whose hands you will rely for the whole safari.

our proposals

We can build customized and guided safaris, defining the detailed itinerary with maps and all the cultural and naturalistic information that will allow you to fully experience the experience of a trip to Tanzania (build your taylor made safari). You will be accompanied daily by a guide speaking your language, carefully selected by our team: the exceptional treatment that we reserve to our staff allows us to choose the most prepared and motivated guides, monitor and always in contact with us for the duration of your safari.


Choosing our safari also means contributing to the activities of the associations Crowd2map and Hope for girls & women who fight the practice of female genital mutilation, unfortunately still present in the most rural villages of Tanzania, although with much lower percentages than other African countries.

During your trip you will be able to discover with wonder the authentic life of the traditional tribes and be fascinated by their primordial genuineness, but you will feel on your skin the weight of the contradictions that respect for their culture and their history entails. Supporting the project Hope for girls & women is our personal answer to bigger questions than we are.

Hope for girls and women

Africa is an experience that unites.
As our Tanzanian guides say, we help, we help you!