Katavi National Park

Southwest of the capital Dodoma, near Lake Tanganyika, Katavi National Park is one of Africa’s most biodiverse parks. In a not particularly large area, the incredible amount of animals, still not accustomed to the vehicles of the few tourists who venture there, makes the experience of visiting the park even more authentic.

There are thousands of buffaloes, giraffes, zebras and antelopes in an uncontaminated and wild natural environment, but there are also giraffes, spotted hyenas, cheetahs, leopards, lions and wild dogs.

Territory rich in water, offers the spectacle of large concentrations of hippos and crocodiles that, in the dry season, sometimes fight with furious attacks for the conquest of the territory, but mostly wander between the banks and the water in a magical and silent harmony, while the many colorful birds hover over their heads.

As in other parks of the South, the rich vegetation is characterized by miombo.

Among the many reptiles present there is also the famous black mamba, which can reach a length of 4 meters.

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  • 1 to 2 days to visit the park
  • 4.471 km² extension (equal to Molise)
  • altitude 767 to 2,234 meters, top of Mount Kinondo
  • Sitalike Park Gate 30 minutes from Mpanda
  • accommodation in Mpanda – save park accommodation fees
  • accommodation in Katavi National Park


near Sitalike park gate the shores of Lake Katavi offer spectacular views among herds of hippos, families of elephants and sleepy crocodiles
on the road that leads to the homonymous lake, there is the tree of the spirit of Katavi
from Kapimbi gate you reach the circuit on the Katuma river: from the bridge, with a magnificent view on an incredible number of crocodiles, wind along the river the 4 paths where you can be surprised by the richness and variety of fauna and vegetation
the gates Lyamba and Kibaoni to the south of the park are not useful for the tourist routes

Wildlife in Katavi National Park 


one of the best for sightings of

 hippo • crocodile • elephant African buffalo black mamba

very frequent sightings of

• zebra • giraffe impala topi warthog spotted hyena slender mongoose banded mongoose dwarf mongoose yellow baboon olive baboon  vervet monkey monkey  Nile Monitor  white-throated monitor lizard  

probable sightings of

• lion leopard chetaah wild dog  black-backed jackal side-striped jackal serval Sable antelope  sitatunga bushbuck (imbabala) Lichtenstein’s hartebeest eland  klipspringer greater kudu Bohor reedbuck steenbok waterbuck

rare sightings of

 African rock python puff adder



Specie lacustri • Grey Crowned-Crane• Marabou • Yellow-billed Stork⚑ (in photo) • African Openbill• Saddlebill⚑ • African Spoonbill• Cattle Egret • Hamerkop• Pink-backed Pelican• Great White Pelican • African Three-banded Plover• Caspian Plover • Long-toed Lapwing• Spur-winged Lapwing⚑ • African Jacana• African Skimmer… and several other 
Altre specie • Hildebrandt’s Francolin• Yellow-throated Sandgrouse⚑ • Black-faced Go-away-bird• Verreaux’s Eagle-owl⚑ • Pallid Harrier• Martial Eagle⚑ • African Fish-eagle⚑ • Tawny Eagle• Palm-nut Vulture⚑ • Lappet-faced Vulture• Hooded Vulture• Bateleur• White-backed Vulture• Red-billed Hornbill⚑ • Racquet-tailed Roller⚑ • Pied Kingfisher • Crested Barbet • Stierling’s Woodpecker• Dickinson’s Kestrel • African Golden Oriole⚑  • Black Cuckooshrike • Orange-breasted Bush-shrike⚑ • African Paradise-flycatcher⚑ • Tabora Cisticola• Red-billed Oxpecker• Yellow-billed Oxpecker• Greater Blue-eared Starling⚑ • Kurrichane Thrush⚑ • Miombo Rock-thrush⚑ • Arnot’s Chat⚑ •Tanzanian Masked Weaver⚑ • Broad-tailed Paradise-whydah⚑ • Ruaha Chat… and several other 
Tanzania endemic
Near endemic
Africa endemic


Safari by car: our programs include a visit to both the lake area and along the banks of the river.

Entry to the National Parks in Tanzania is allowed to licensed off-road vehicles of local tour operators with a valid license. The paths of the safaris are strictly bound to the trails. The strict regulation of parks has the laudable aim of safeguarding the inestimable natural heritage and supporting the local economy. The “DIY tourism” presents many unknowns and therefore becomes difficult to practice. With us, local tour operator with Italian participation, you can realize your dream of a tailor-made safari! Contact us

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For information on transit fees and park accommodation, already included in the price of our safaris, visit the Park Fees page. The system of taxation of tourism in the parks of Tanzania is the necessary contribution to the conservation of an uncontaminated and wild natural heritage, of inestimable environmental value.

For general information about all parks in Tanzania and about this park – when to go, where is it, nearby destinations – go to Parks of Tanzania page

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