Duration 13 days

Max. 2 participants

base 2 people

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Join us for 13 emotional days!

Finally alone! In Tanzania you will be even more alone, but in a strong embrace with a wild nature that will exalt your feelings and your mutual feelings.  The journey you have always wanted will be a reality in which your senses will explode and emotions will overwhelm you. From unexpected encounters with fabulous African wildlife in legendary parks to the discovery of incredible local populations, from the strong flavors of markets to the pristine beaches of the ocean, everything will seem tidy to crown your love: This is our honeymoon safari proposal.

We, on tiptoe, will suggest and accompany you leaving to you the realization of the dream. The first days of the bland rhythm will take you to the romantic Lake Manyara but then it will accelerate with increasing rhythm until the endless visions of the Serengeti. The move to Zanzibar will allow you to modulate your experiences according to your needs.

In summary: 13 days, 6 days of safari and 7 days of sea extension.

Every day will be a unique experience in which we look forward to accompany you! We will take care of you at all times of the day and check that the facilities you choose respect all your expectations. During the safari you will always have water, fresh drinks and snacks. All meals (during the safari days) are included. Our guides will be happy to answer any of your curiosity and to satisfy, as far as possible, your every wish.

We staff will be available for any need from your arrival at the airport to departure.

For any information please contact us! Below the map you will find the detailed program day by day.

Routes, services and prices are to be understood as purely indicative, as estimated on the basis of standards and average prices that can be confirmed only at the time of quotation. Intercontinental flights are not included.

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travel plan

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Day 1 - Transfer from Kilimanjaro Airport to Lake Manyara. Arrival at the lodge, reception, relaxation and overnight stay

Arrival at JRO airport where you will find our staff to welcome you, we will move to the hotel near Lake Manyara and after a well-deserved rest if there was time available we will accompany you in visiting the nearby village of Mto Wa Mbu, where we will return even the next day more calmly. We’ll go back to the hotel for dinner.

Practical information

  • recommended clothing and equipment: sweater for the evening
  • transfer airport-hotel 3 hours approximately
  • full board in hotel

Day 2 - Lake Manyara and visit to the village Mto Wa Mbu- overnight in Karatu

After breakfast we will go on safari to Lake Manyara, where we will be fascinated by an unusual landscape, characterized by the strong presence of water, element of encounter of mammals and birds. We will finally visit the village of the town of Mto Wa Mbu and go to Karatu for the overnight.

Practical information

  • recommended clothing and equipment: safari, dust bandana, insect spray, hat, sunglasses, trekking shoes
  • moving Arusha-Manyara lake 2 hours/ moving Mto Wa Mbu-Karatu 30 min approx
  • lunch box in the savanna/ dinner at the overnight stay

Day 3 - Masai Village, Olduvai Gorge and Serengeti Seronera - overnight in Serengeti

After breakfast we will cross the Ngorongoro CA in which we will discover the Masai life making a visit to their village, without forgetting to take a leap into the past by stopping at the gorge of Olduvai, archaeological site where traces of hominids dating back to 3.5 million years ago were found. Then we will continue into the plains of the Serengeti until we reach the central area, where we will be fascinated by the treacherous plains surrounded by the varied African fauna. Overnight in the park.

Practical information

  • recommended clothing and equipment: safari, dust bandana, insect spray, hat, sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Karatu-Serengeti move 3 hours
  • lunch box/dinner at the overnight stay

Day 4 - Serengeti Seronera - overnight in Seronera

When we wake up we will continue our journey through the dirt roads of the Serengeti. In this area there are several kopjes, rocky outcrops very special, and a network of waterways and rivers (such as the river Seronera) that provide a perennial water reserve and that therefore makes this area excellent all year round for animal sightings. Overnight in the area.

Practical information

  • recommended clothing and equipment: safari, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, insect spray
  • moving in the park
  • lunch box/ dinner at the overnight stay

Day 5 - Ngorongoro Conservation area - overnight in Ngorongoro

Upon awakening and well recharged we will reach the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, a huge protected caldera that houses thousands of animals and where there is the highest probability of seeing the black rhinoceros, now almost extinct in the lands of Tanzania. Overnight in Ngorongoro.

Practical information

  • recommended clothing and equipment: safari but especially in the morning temperatures can be rigid so it is recommended a down jacket and long pants, bandana and hat, amuchina
  • Serengeti-Ngorongoro travel approximately 1 hour (depends on where you choose to stay)
  • lunch box/dinner at the overnight stay

Day 6 - Excursions to Arusha - airport transfer and departure by sea extension - overnight in Stone Town

On the last day the activities depend on the time of your flight, but we will try to devote time if possible to the knowledge of the territory around Arusha after moving from Ngorongoro. Transfer then to the airport where you will depart for the sea extension to Zanzibar. Overnight in Stone Town.

Practical information

  • recommended clothing and equipment: depends on the activity chosen
  • moving Ngorongoro-Arusha-Airport JRO about 5 hours/Airport-Stone Town 1 hour flight
  • lunch box

Day 7 - City tour and spice tour day - Overnight in Stone Town

Visit the city of Stone Town and tour of spices, where you will be fascinated first by ancient Arabic buildings and then by colors and smells surrounded by greenery. Overnight in Stone Town.

Day 8 - Excursion to Prison Island and Nakupenda. Transfer to the sea-hotel

With a small boat you will depart from the port of Stone Town to reach first Prison Island, ancient prison for slaves and now home to centuries-old land turtles, then continue the excursion to Nakupenda Island, atoll of fine white sand surrounded by crystal clear waters for a snorkeling dream. Overnight at the facility (marine resort) you choose for relaxation.

Days 9-10-11-12 - marine stay in resort

Relaxing days or excursions that you can freely choose and book at the resort of your choice.

Day 13 - transfer to Stone Town for return flight (not included)

Last greeting to the land of Tanzania (now in the heart) and departure from Stone Town for the return to your country.

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